I'm new here :p by Iyoku The Hybrid Vaporeon

So if anyone has any advice and any tips or something, feel free to tell me, because i'd be happy to know anything of importance.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this and or help me~

I'm new here :p

Iyoku The Hybrid Vaporeon

21 January 2014 at 21:34:11 MST

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    Definitely get to know the people in the community! There's a lot of friendly people here, and we really like to talk and make nice. Read journals, comment on art, compliment people, and you'll easily get around c:
    The community here is really nice!
    That being said, a very warm welcome! c:

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    Hi! I'm a friend of Karkitties. I'm really curious now to see your art, please submit some soon! Though... I really get the "Submitting, I'ma do that soon!" thing. Though most often for me is "I do what then press what?" Yeah. Have fun exploring the community and I hope to see your work!