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:: Terms of Services :: by Xypress

* All prices are in USD.
** Anything larger than a Bust is considered a Fullbody.

SKETCH - A rough sketch of your character in front of a plain background.

• Bust - 10

  • Color (+10)

• Fullbody - 15

  • Color (+20)


DOODLE - A simple piece drawn dan colored in a distilled cartoony/chibi style.

• Bust - 20

  • Add character (+15)
  • Add background (+15)

• Fullbody - 30

  • Add character (+20)
  • Add background (+15)


COLORED - A clean linework of your character, colored, and shaded in front of a customized background upon request.

• Bust - 30

  • Add character (+20)
  • Add background (+20)

• Fullbody - 40

  • Add character (+30)
  • Add background (+20)


COMIC STRIP - Create your own story and bring out the personality in your characters through the art of comics.

• Bust - 30 / panel

  • Add character (+20)
  • Add background (+20)

• Fullbody - 40 / panel

  • Add character (+30)
  • Add background (+20)


CONCEPT ART - Release your creative ideas into a rough rendered grayscale piece. Perfect for refining and exploring new designs.

• Bust - 40

  • Color (+20)

• Weapons - 40

  • Color (+20)

• Fullbody - 60

  • Color (+20)

• Environment - 80

  • Color (+20)


ILLUSTRATION - My pièce de résistance. An atmospheric piece carefully painted to bring out the finest details of your character.

• Bust - 50

  • Add character (+40)
  • Add background (+30)

• Fullbody - 70

  • Add character (+50)
  • Add background (+30)


• What I Do •

  • Humans and anthropomorphic characters
  • Scenery and backgrounds
  • Weapons, shields, and other armory

• What I Don’t Do •

  • Yaoi, Yuri, anything that contains mature, adult, or suggestive content.
  • I don’t draw my own characters for commissions.
  • Unauthorized designs / restricted characters of other artists. Surprise gifts are okay, but make sure it's okay with the owner of the design.

• What You Will Receive •

  • A high resolution file of the requested format (.jpeg by default)
  • A web friendly .jpeg file.

• Prices •

  • The prices above may vary depending on the difficulty and level of detail.
  • The prices above do not include the transaction fee.

• Payment •

  • I receive payments via PayPal.
  • I accept payment full up front, right after your commission has been accepted,
  • Only after receiving your payment will I start to work on your commission and your icon will be assigned accordingly under my journals on FA & DA.
  • If I don't receive your payment within 3 days after I've accepted your commission, then you will be rolled back to the end of the waiting queue and will be able to resume your order once it's your turn.
  • Please be sure to check the email address before sending it and notify me immediately after you've made the payment to cross check whether the payment has indeed arrived.
  • Please do not ask me to send the PayPal Payment Request to you. I cannot afford to have to "collect" individual payments from every single client.

• Waiting List •

  • To start queuing for the next available slot, simply send me a note.
  • Queuing in the Waiting List is free and no money will be charged to you while waiting.
  • You can drop your queue anytime, free of charge. However, should you decide to queue again, you'll have to start again from the back of the line.
  • You can't substitute your place in line with another client.
  • Once a slot opens up, I'll send a note and email to you. If you don't give a reply in 3 days, I'll consider that you've dropped your queue and the person behind you will be next.

• Workflow & Revisions •

  • First pay, first serve (in cases of multiple clients being processed at the same time).
  • After the payment, I will send a preliminary Layout Sketch and a refined Sketch for the client's approval.
  • Upon waiting for a client's approval response, I may work on other commissions in the mean time.
  • After the approval of the Sketch, only minor changes can be made. Major changes may cost a small fee.

• Disclaimer & Refund Policy •

  • If the costumer failed to deliver the payment in way, I will claim the rights of the commissioned work.
  • A full refund will be granted if I fail to deliver the finished commissioned work for any reason.

• Copyright & Rights of Use •

  • The customer retains all rights of their design within their commissioned work.
  • The customer retains the rights to alter, repost, and re-print the commissioned work for non-commercial purposes only.
  • I, the artist, retain the rights to alter, repost, sell prints of the commissioned work on any format, for commercial purposes.

• What I'd like to hear from you •

  • Describe the character. Link me to anything you've drawn or written about them that might help me better recreate them for you! (Tips: eye color, hair color, height, build, age, species info, colors/symbols you associate them with, clothes they should be wearing in the picture, significant accessories, etc.)
  • I'm open to hear background stories! You don't have to share if you don't want to but it does give me a better idea of the character's personality and place in their world.

*All clients are subject to these terms and conditions.
*The rules above are subject to change from time to time.


Please fill in the form below and copy-paste it into your request note to speed up order procedures.

Your name : (your username or real Name, it’s up to you)
Commission Category : (Sketch / Doodle / Colored / Illustration)
Commission Type : (Bust / Fullbody)
Additions : (Are there any additional characters? Do you want a background?)
PayPal Address : (the email address of the PayPal account you'll be paying with)
Target Email : (the email where I would be sending the receipt, sketch, and finished work)
Description : (poses, references, and details of how you want your drawing to look like)


*After I've reviewed your order, I'll clarify you on the total price.
*After we've come to an agreement, I'll officially accept your order and then you can send the down payment.
*Only after receiving your payment will I start working on your commission and your icon will be assigned to a slot under my journals.

Order now by sending me a note here on or on FurAffinity or DeviantArt, or contact me via email:

koru_xypress [at]

You can also help spread the word :]
Hope to here from you soon,
-Koru Xypress

*Last updated: Apr 12, 2014.

:: Terms of Services ::


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