Changing submission file? by WhiteMantis

How do I do it? D8

I've made some edits in one of my pics and wanted to update it but I can't see an option to change submission file! Am I just being blind or it does not exist?

Changing submission file?


22 October 2012 at 08:16:50 MDT

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    I know it's not possible with characters. I tried to update a pic of one of mine and ended up having to re-upload.

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    yeah, for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be possible atm. Maybe I'll go in the forums and see if it can't be suggested as a feature, or if it already is a feature and just hasn't been implemented yet.

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    I haven't found out a way to yet :<

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    It's on their list of features they haven't implemented yet. There's a forum thread about frequently suggested features and it's one of the top ones.

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    From what I have seen, you need to remove of and re-upload.

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      Ugh, I don't want to do that, guess I'll have to wait :S

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        That may be best. They may implement that once it leaves beta.

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    So if you edit the submission file for a character, it doesn't show the changes?