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Anatomy practice/doodles? [Free Art] by Crossed-Unversed

I'd like to try practicing anatomy a bit more with my tablet rather than pencil-paper sketches that are then transferred to computer.

What I'd like is for people to submit a character reference to me here, and I'll work my way through them. I won't guarantee I'll do all of them and I might do personal art in between practicing things. I just want to have characters to practice and sketch in the meantime to try and get better with anatomy. They can be human or furry (though humans will be harder since I can't get human faces to save my life).

Sketchy style will likely be similar to >>this; Trigger warning: Blood/self harm<< or a slightly more rough, digital version of >>this<<.

They will range from busts to full-body sketches in what I hope will be different poses. Each pose is likely to be referenced since I'm trying to get a more firm grasp on anatomy and positioning.

Anybody interested? Just comment with a reference :) I wouldn't be opposed to a journal pimping me out, but you don't have to make one if you don't want to.

Anatomy practice/doodles? [Free Art]


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