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Going to port my gallery soon by kailys

I found the very handy Weasyl crossposter tool and I'm going to start using that to upload things here and try to become more active.

There are some things that I think need work in Weasyl, but I'm encouraged by its continued development and someday I'd like to maybe have a hand in helping the site improve.

Going to port my gallery soon


24 December 2013 at 16:55:58 MST

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    We're interested in hearing suggestions! (except for "fix the thumbnails", because we hear that a lot.)

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      Thanks for responding to my comment :)
      I've actually got a list of potential improvements that I've been keeping notes on. A handful are things that seem (to me) like straightforward improvements (eg, AJAX calls for faves/follows, etc), though I know from twitter that this is in the pipeline. In conversations with other users I've noticed that work can be done to improve the user experience for browsers of art in addition to the artists themselves.

      One of these days when I have less on my plate personally, I'd be interested in contributing to the development of Weasyl, but I never know who to talk to.