Folders, Communications and Friends by Misty Wolf

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has been stopping by my page recently and let you all know that I am glad you are here!

I do plan to keep Weasyl current with submissions on FA, additionally, Weasyl will have MANY exclusive uploads. Thanks to the folder system allowing me to keep things tidy, sketchbook items, doodles, and traditional art work (Like assignments from my art classes) will all be submitted to Weasyl.

I am a BIG user of folders, so PLEASE take advantage of this. For example: If you want to browse fats in my gallery, but don't particularly like vore? Great! I've separated the two and vore specific items will show up in the vore folder and fats will show up in the BBW/BHM or SBBW/SBHM folders! Easy right?

I'm still working on clarifying the definition in my head between what I consider BBW versus what I consider SBBW, I think its in my head as dividing around the 300-400 lb mark. So basically if you want Classic realistic fats check out the BBW/BHM fat, but if you have a hankering for some super pudge then head over to the SBBW/SBHM folder. I also have folders set aside for Weight Gain scenes and transformations for easy fetish finding.

As far as communications go, I plan to be very active here on Weasyl. More so than FA. I will be offering as many replies and comments as I can. I can guarantee I will reply to every comment, but I do read them all and am glad to hear from you. If you want to get to know me better or keep in touch, comments, shouts and messages are the way to go! I will definitely be more open to conversation on the messages here, than I have been with notes on FA, especially while the community here is still growing and developing.

Lastly a word on Friend Requests. Since I am opening up private messages for more than just commission related conversation, I am reserving Friends status specifically for actual friends. People I've either met in real life or talk to regularly or who have known for a while. So please, if I decline your Friend Request, don't take it personally, its just because I don't know you as well as I'd like to before passing that status out. If you want me to get to know you then strike up a conversation, again messages here are the way too go!

Thanks again for watching everyone!


Folders, Communications and Friends

Misty Wolf

20 December 2013 at 09:30:12 MST

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    I will be looking forward to seeing more of your art from this point forward. :3

    I will also try and find a way to get back in better contact, it's been quite some months.

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      Indeed it has, keep in touch.

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    Good stuff :]

    Have you seen the Weasyl plugin for Google Chrome that cross posts submissions from FA to Weasyl for you?

    Made my life a lot easier!

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      if it were for firefox I'd jump on it in a heart beat, but as is I use firefox for everything except work (which requires internet explorer) and I really dont want to have to be bouncing between 3 different browsers

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        You know it may also be on FireFox.

        Try looking up Weasyl Waxpost in your plugin store.

        It's free too :]

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          yeah i checked there first thing, so far its not available for firefox, but when it is I'll jump right on that