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Commission Terms & Conditions by LynneKitty

Commission Terms & Conditions

Attention commissioners!

The following outlines my rules, regulations, and preferences for commissioned work.


Prices for commissioned work vary based upon the details of said work. I base my price on a minimum charge of $10.00 USD per hour. More complicated or uncomfortable pieces may cost more. Each price quote is based on the details of the individual commission.

Ratings Available:

Any rating. G-XXX


Most content is fine, including vore, inflation, tentacles, herms, cross dressing, pegging, lesbians, etc. Just because I haven't drawn it yet doesn't mean I won't draw it.

I will NOT draw the following: genital mutilation, pedophilic art featuring underage characters in sexual situations, rape (this includes both forcible rape and "date" rape but doesn't enclude rape play, rape fantasy, or rough sex that looks like rape), scat, corprophilia, menstruation as a fetish, watersports, adult babies and diaper play, and extreme medical fetishism.

Certain things in this fandom are things that I personally find disgusting, such as internal shots, but I will draw them for money. When in doubt, ask me in a private setting.


Gender being rather flexible in the fandom, you need to be specific when commissioning art of your character if your character has a nonstandard genital arrangement (even if your character is a kangaroo and has testicles anterior to the penis) or gender identity. If you use the following terms, I will make certain assumptions about the configuration of their genitalia:

  • "Hermaphrodite" or "Herm" - I will assume a character with breasts, a penis, testicles, a vagina, and an anus.

  • "Dickgirl" - I will assume a character with a female body, plus penis.

  • "Shemale" - I will assume a biologically male character who has had breast therapy/surgery but not gender reassignment surgery: female breasts and male genitals, who identifies, acts, and dresses female. (I, however, will not refer to any trans person by this term; it's insulting.)

  • "He-she" - Same as "shemale."

  • "Trans" - You will have to be specific; I will make no assumptions. There are SO many possible configurations for the various points of transition. I will not work on this commission until you fully explain what you want from the portrayal of your character.

  • "Intersexed" - Again, be specific. There are hundreds of medical possibilities under this definition. I will not work on this commission until you fully explain what you want from the portrayal of your character.

  • "Cuntboy" - I will interpret this term as "transman": a biological female who is transitioning to male, who has completed the breast surgeries/therapies but still has female genitals, and dresses and acts male. (I, however, will not refer to any trans person by this term; it's insulting.)

-"Transman" - See "cuntboy."

-"Transwoman" - See "Shemale."

-"Androgynous" - I will assume a character that neither looks nor acts female or male and will dress them accordingly. If you have requested adult works of this character, you will need to be specific as to said character's genitals.

If your character represents a person who has completed their gender transition, I will draw them fully in the gender of their choosing, if that is your preference. I don't care what a person, or that person's character was born as. The choice they make and the way they feel about it is more important. I have NO problems drawing any of the potential struggles, difficulties, stages, and other complications that come along with human sexuality and gender identity. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want.


For small commissions, payment in full is required before work will be completed. Large commissions require half to be paid up front as a down payment. If the piece is really large, I would be willing to work out a payment schedule for the remaining balance. If you wish to negotiate the terms of payment, and have a decent history of commissioning and have artists willing to vouch for your reliability, I will consider your offer and be open to discussion.

I will accept the following forms of payment: Western Union or MoneyGram wire transfers, PayPal, personal checks, money orders, or cash. Money orders and personal checks will be verified, and work will NOT be started until verification is obtained and funds clear the bank.

Counterfeits & forgeries will be turned over to the police. Any checks that fail to clear the bank for any reason will be turned over to Statewide Collections, Inc. with a $30.00 service fee. As I live in Wyoming, this state's collection laws WILL apply to unpaid items. To be clear: Wyo Statute 1-1-115 states that unpaid checks triple to no less than $130.00 if unpaid for over 30 days. The agency is allowed to and is capable of filing suit for unpaid checks, should they remain unpaid.

If paying by check or money order, please allow minimum of 7-10 BUSINESS days processing to give them time to clear before I begin work on the commission. If I have started work on the commission and my bank notifies me that an item has failed to clear, all further work will cease until the item AND the ensuing fees have been paid.

If you choose to pay via PayPal, payments must NOT contain any reference to the purpose of the payment, and all communications regarding the commission must take place outside of PayPal. PayPal is notorious for banning accounts for references to donations, gifts, charity, furry art, adult content, pornography, etc. If you are purchasing digital art from me, list the payment as a service, not a purchase. If you list it as a purchase, I have a legal obligation to physically mail you a product. Digital commissions NOT paid for as a service through Pay Pal will be rejected and the money refunded.


Persons purchasing a traditional media commission will receive the original artwork.

Persons purchasing a digital media commission will be emailed or sent through IM a high quality version of the work they purchased.


Email, Facebook, FA notes, SoFurry private messages, DA notes, Inkbunny private messages, Weasyl private messages, AIM, YIM, Skype, or MSN messenger are all valid ways to contact me. If you have Verizon and want to text me, I'll even give you my mobile number.


Regular updates on your commission are available upon reasonable request. Please don't harass me every hour about whether or not your commission is done yet. I work full time plus, and have a home, cat, and mother to take care of, as well as my own health and mental well being. I have never lied about the fact that I don't have tons of time in which to create art and can be slow to create, but if you have paid for it, I will make it a top priority and probably reward your patience with concept sketches, layout designs, test pages, and other goodies, should I fail to make prompt delivery.


I am a friendly person, but the purchase of a commission is a business transaction. It is NOT an invitation to roleplay, it is not the beginning of an intimate relationship, and it is most definitely not an excuse for you to hit on me. Please keep communications professional and appropriate. If you have a problem with me OR my work ethic (or even my work itself) please take it up with me in a private forum (email, notes, IM) and don't drag yourself through the proverbial mud and take me with you. It's embarrassing to yourself as well as to me.


If at any time in the commission process you wish to request a refund for a valid reason, I will comply within 10 business days. All refunds will be MAILED to you in the form of a Western Union Money Order. The only exception to this rule shall be if you absolutely have no way to redeem this type of refund. Let me know ahead of time and I can wire you the funds through Western Union or Moneygram. I also promise I will not have any hard feelings. Sometimes things just happen.


As an artist, I have the right to be treated courteously. I have the right to make a fair wage for my work. I retain the copyright for my work. I retain the right to post it online or include it in my portfolio. I agree that you own the work you purchased and will not use any commissioned artwork for prints or other merchandise.

As a customer, you have the right to receive prompt, fair service. You also have the right to be treated courteously. You have the right to distribute but not alter my work, provided you give me credit for it. You have the right to upload it to your websites, display it on your wall, and show it off to your friends. You do not, however, have the right to use said commissioned work to manufacture merchandise (such as prints, t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs) and sell them for profit UNLESS you specifically negotiate for this intention when you initially approach me for commission. Prices will be adjusted accordingly. You also retain the rights to your own character. I realize that just because I draw your character doesn't mean I have any rights to that character and will respect your character's boundaries.

Commission Terms & Conditions


12 September 2013 at 13:50:54 MDT

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