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ToS update by Erro_Kioslem

Disclamer: It applies ONLY for commissions which will be done since this update [22.09.2023].
WHOLE ToS you will find here:
Image Rights and use of the finished artwork
πŸ”΅I hold the right to publish the piece.
πŸ”΅The rights to the artwork belong to me.
πŸ”΅I will post my work and it's files to my galleries and use it to promote myself.
πŸ”΅ Sell the artwork as a print, and/or marchendiseCommissioner can
βœ… Repost your commission wherever you want except twitter, if you credit me as the artist.
βœ… Crop the artwork and use it as icons, banners, etc.
βœ… Print the artwork for your own use
βœ… Print the artwork and gift it to friends
βœ… Ask me to stay anonimus. No nicknames or any other information will be revealed in artwork’s watermark and description.
βœ… Pay extra to keep commission private, or/and prevent me from selling/printing the artwork.
I'll charge 40% from the total price to not print/marchandise the art work
I'll charge 80% to keep art work totally private and not upload it anywhere.
βœ… if you accidently lost your art file, I can send them to you again within 12 months of completion.
Commissioner can't
❌ Use the artwork for commercial purposes (e.g. selling prints), unless you purchased commercial rights
❌ Claim that you drew the artwork
❌ Create NFT from any of my artworks
❌ Feed my artworks to any kind of AI without my permission (Twitter now feeds all media to AI, so it's against my policy to post my art works there)
❌ Edit or alter the picture without my consent, respect the copyright law. If there is a change you want to make, please ask me about it and I might change it for free or charge a little fee, depending on the work.

P.S if you will delete my art works from your twi account, I will be very thankful! although it's not necessary for artworks dated before September 22nd, 2023

ToS update


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