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Incoming 2017 art by Radasus

I've got a few pictures from 2017 that I'm gonna post, which was a sort of rough year for me as an artist. Thing is I drew hundreds of images that year, and like almost none of them would I say I'm proud of. That said, there are a few.... let's call them gems in the rough (Diamonds might be a vast overstatement). 

In the interest of candor, I set up a patreon near the end of 2016 that was basically a way to get commissions from me. The idea was, you pay monthly, then show up to my art streams where you'd get art. It was fast, loose, and simple. Problem is, I got a LOT of customers, way more than a small-timer like I was could have possibly expected. Worse though, was that because they had already paid, I was kind of beholden to them, no matter what they asked me to draw. Granted I had some hard limits, but sometimes even inoffensive stuff can become a slog to draw, and it became a sort of cascade effect; One person would ask me to draw content D, when I was more interested in content A, B, or C. Sure though, why not, the occasional D wasn't the worst thing in the world.  But then content D made it onto my gallery, and in my commissioner's gallery, and people would slide into my patreon saying "Ooh, you draw content D, do you?" or even worse, "Content E is kinda like content D, you'll draw that, right?" By the end of the year I was burned out. I wasn't happy. My customers also weren't happy because I couldn't keep up. I ended up having to axe the whole thing. So... That's why my cut-off date is generally 2018 when it comes to art I'm willing to share. That was the year I started to take time on my artwork, slow down, get experimental with lighting and backgrounds. But even so, I feel it's a shame to bury all my old content. I might not like it, but some out there might. So, here's a few sampler pieces that was kind of the best I had to offer at the time.

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Incoming 2017 art


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