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I'm Sick of Bluekoa64... by TristinTheCat2

Blukoa64 (AKA Luiskoa64) is a very immature user and sometimes lashes out on other people, here are some reasons:

  1. Begging for attention He would always beg for attention and says and after some time, because he lashes out for no reason

“I feel sad, scared, and lonely and no one likes me”
“I feel like no one likes me because they don't talk to me”

Like really? Just because no one talks to you mean that they are busy or they don't have time to talk to you. Also, he was trying to force others to unblock him because he was annoying others which means Luiskoa will probably cry and post an attention journal to make his defenders comfort him! Doesn't he realize that others have fucking stuff to do??

“Why did you block me? I didn't do “Anything” to you”

Seriously? You are attacking others for no reason which is very toxic and sad. Your “journals" claim just because some people blocked you is pitiful and an example of what I mean by Luiskoa guys being toxic. Also, making posts about things like “why did you block me" or “I didn't do anything to you” is taking it too far. Let them make their own decisions and do what they want to do, they are MATURE! and they are entitled to do what he pleases with his art. So if you can't accept the fact that someone blocked you, then just accept it!

  1. Lashing out/snapping at other people for no reason Like seriously? Lashing out at other people is very immature, does he have mood swings? Also Blukoa got angry at DanXDWolfenburg for a cringy reason - Dan was subscribing and liking his videos.

Like what was that!? He was lashing out at someone liking his videos? It’s like a customer getting angry at a chef for serving good food at a restaurant or getting mad just because someone saved you in a car accident.

  1. Apologizing but it's not really an apology

When luiskoa makes an apology to someone, he is friends with you for a bit, but then he retaliates against the user as if he attacked you for no reason. Seriously? Why would you apologize and then attack the person!? That makes no fucking sense! Anyone with a noggin means you apologize to someone and call it a day! But for him, his logic is that he apologizes and then attacks the person who apologized. I can't explain on how messed up that is.

  1. Inflating characters that are MINORS!


This section contains him being a pedophile because he requested to inflate a 13 year old minor character (Meilin “Mei” Lee from Turning Red) if you don't feel comfortable with “minors inflated” or Pedophilia this skip to part 5

Yes, he requested my friend MTeavee2004 to make a minor inflated (in this case Meilin “Mei” Lee from Turning Red) SERIOUSLY! She is 13 years old! It’s like he inflated Bluey or Peppa Pig as if they were 6 years old! That is so messed up! Buck luckily MTeavee2004 deleted the picture later on and removed it from his gallery

  1. Changing but going back to his old ways During some time in Post 2020 - Pre 2021, he said he would change his behavior, but he goes back to his old ways such as saying “I won't lash out at people” and “I will try to be respectful” but guess what? He didn't! He just goes back to his old ways every time he does the same behavior.

So yeah, I won't trust Bluekoa64 because of his actions. If you see him doing anything bad to you or if you are a friend of his, block him or tell the truth about it.

And a message to Bluekoa64:
You seriously need to grow up! You have the mindset of a 12-year-old. I cannot believe you won't grow up from mankind! Just Leave me and my friends ALONE!!!

I'm Sick of Bluekoa64...


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