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Don't Call it a Comeback. by Huntermun

I had a sequel dream that was really cool...

So I had this dream a few months ago where I was a hunter of some kind in an anime setting and went through a season long arc of learning my place and getting stronger... having fights and such. May have been an elf, I don't remember. Near the end, I prove myself as a Guardian or something and earn the trust of a young but long-lived elf who unlocks a chamber which reveals secrets to me not unlike Infinity Blade stuff.

There's this chamber where a big heavy door unlocks and I'm supposed to learn secrets of the universe which only big heroes get to come out of. Past experiences fusing into them. History. And I use this information about the greater universe to combat the big bad and win. I can't get more detailed, since the dream ended at that time.

Fast forward to this morning and I'm a treasure hunter who, like in many anime, has too good a heart for the job. Stealing from other thieves and villains. At one point, we learn of this long forgotten seal of a place and I use my insectoid abilities to stealth most of the way in beyond the traps. My crew gets captured and I reveal myself to the people holding them. When I see a familiar face—like Deja vü—from under a hood and tell them their name before they introduce to me. It was the now silver-aged, long-lived elf.

They act like the know me, and I'm confused... but they open the vault which looks like the chamber from the first dream. Only I get let in, right, and when I'm there, I get infused with the secrets of the universe. Different secrets than before. And, this time, when I step out, everyone looks at me shocked.

I look up to see my reflection as this insectoid alien thing on the mirrored wall/ceiling ahead of me... and I now have the scars of the character from the earlier dream—missing eye, giant gash in the chest how I died a hero—but it's all glazed over in spiritual energy as if to say 'this was their wound, not mine'. It's a very cool setup where I'm some hero born into the world every few generations but with the experiences of prior victories carved into my spirit. My body is a different race, but my wounds are visibly maintained.

I dunno. Neat dream. Thought I would share.

Don't Call it a Comeback.


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