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I've been thinking about a few things by Ghostfox

For the past few years, I have been thinking about one thing. I've been wondering what the backstories of both Ghostfoxes are and what they would look like. They are twins, except for their real names. So I would like to ask you people, what would their origins be? What eras do you think they would be born? And what other things would you like to to give these two? And do you think there should be stories of these two? For many years that I was on here, my characters didn't have much of a backstory. I first introduced my character as a male in 2011, and then ten years later, I made a female form of my character. Now, I have thought about making them both twins. I want everyone to think that there is more to both of these characters. And I would like to think that they are ageless characters due to the fact that their ghostly powers keep them from aging. I had found out that ghosts don't age. I had also thought about some serious changes to my characters. They would be both experts in guerrilla warfare. And they would fight for the people. They would be retributionists, who are guerrilla fighters who fight against ruthless and evil forces. I would also like to see different versions in many different realities although there would still be some things that are the same. I want anyone here to share their thoughts of what I had written in this journal.

I've been thinking about a few things


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    1642 sounds like a good year. It would play into their ghost status. That and they'd come from Cambridge, MA, which was about 10+ years old at the time.
    They would flee into the western US during the time of the Salem Witch Trials, for fear they'd be killed.

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      Wow, that sounds interesting. What else can you tell me?

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        Ok, so after they fled Massachusetts, they were looking into finding the secret of immortality. They come across this old Pagan spell tome and find one. The part they didn't read is the part that they'd be ghosts.

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          That sounds good. I like it.