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patch things up and asking for help by littlegreeny

ok be for anyone delete this ples here me out i already deleted and removed both that art piece and post and reported the real theif and send a sorry letter to one who told me this stuff on twitter found here so we are cool now now for second reason of the tittle i am willing go back and fix some post if missing info or if the min base owner has a water mark i can use i will apply it and even link back to the base n make a custom folder for there art only so know at all times who made it and if i forgotten to add it please do tell me so i can fix it asap as most bases i get off here or on DA page where there hidden away by the maker unless u have a devenitart account i will be posting a update for what going happen to this channel and its art maybe later this week so please stay followed if want know

patch things up and asking for help


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