finished posting all of my photos by ShawnSkunk

finished posting all my photos of my visit to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, I want to thank everyone for all of faves as well as the new watches I received recently as well. there have been soo many faves since I started posting my photos I couldn't respond to all of them since this FA only 15 comments per every certain amount of time you have to wait afterwards, so I thought I thank you all in this journal. it's neat to see that a lot of people on here and the other websites I'm part of share the same enthusiasm and passion for automotive history and motor racing history, I'm so glad to share this passion with you all, I might resume writing AutoSkunk reviews starting next month, I'll just need to figure out what to review next. so thank you all for the tremendous amount of faves on my photos and the recent watches, I hope you enjoy what you see :3

finished posting all of my photos


19 January 2021 at 21:49:03 MST

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