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Happy Holidays and Happy 2021, everyone! by MintyMousyX-2

Merry Late Christmas, everyone, and Happy Holidays for all of you, I really hope all of you are doing well with your lives despite the issues we’re all passing.

I am writing this journal to inform everyone I’m coming back as well to apologize for my silence during these last days. I didn’t wish to make anyone worried, and I know I wasn’t able to talk with some of you as often as I wished. In fact, I would like to confess something: 2020 wasn’t being a good year for me. I’m not talking about... that thing. Not only that. I’m talking about my family as a whole, regarding my grandparents, both of them passed away in November.

I would like to spare you from the details, to not make it too long and too sad for my friends. My grandfather ended in the hospital for months to treat one of his legs, but the situation stretched for months, once the medications were failing to contain the pain and ended contraction a nosocomial infection in the hospital. Naturally the family and me ended anguished with the whole situation, even after he passed away in the hospital, since a few days later, my grandmother ended in there due to grave stomache problems. Unlike my grandfather, my grandmother stayed for only one weekend before she also passed away.

Please forgive me for not going into details, some of them could disturb some of my friends. In addition, I’m trying to refrain myself from expressing my indignation regarding the hospital, otherwise this journal would become needlessly longer. I will only allow myself to say a hospital is supposed to be a clean place, things like nosocomial infections shouldn’t be common in the age we’re living. Even more considering the situation the whole world is living, and hopefully will end in the next months.

But what makes me at least a little happy is that both my grandparents are in a better place now, no longer suffering, hopefully meeting with their relatives, old friends and hopefully meeting new people in there. I prey that, wherever they are, they are happy and watching the rest of our family. But I would also like to prey as well for those who passed away during this year as well during the previous years. Some of my friends ended losing their relatives, friends and people who were close to them. Not to mention the others who passed away thanks to the pandemic, and other things. Some were famous, others were simpler people. But regardless of their origin, ethnicity, preferences, among other factors, we should be all happy in the end. Not only because they were an important part of our lives, but also because their teaching, the good memories we had with them, their legacies will continue with us. And while no one truly knows what awaits for every human being, every creature in this world, we could rest assured that, in one way or another, we will meet again our loved ones, and even meet new people on the other side.

In the end, those who left us wouldn’t want us to continue grief on their deaths. Rather, they would wish us to move on and continue, knowing they will continue being with us while we still have our own journeys to continue. As such, despite of everything we pass through our lives, we should be grateful for what we have, and thrive to continue fighting through this journey, pursue our goals and help the others, even if all you can do is just make others smile and laugh.

And even though I have things to do in real life, I still wish to cheer up my friends and make everything in my reach to make them happy, even if, admitting, I’ve been failing to keep in touch with most of my friends during these last months. Actually, when it comes with multitasking, I’m still a walking failure: I’ve tried to talk with several of my friends at once during some occasions, but every time it wore me out. Some of my friends thing I’m ignoring them, others think I’m avoiding them, and more end concerned because of my silence. I would like to apologize for my recent behavior, I confess, because of the situation regarding my grandparents, I’ve been feeling tired, body and mind, to do enough and talk with everyone. But that doesn’t mean I’m avoiding anyone, I was just having a hard time getting the forces to talk with my friends. I didn’t wish to sadden anyone, or even hurt my friends. I’m not a saint, I’m still a human being, prone to commit mistakes like everyone, and while I’ve commited mistakes through these years, my wishes to cheer up everyone continues on me even after all of these years, even after letting some of my friends down by my own mistakes and ending some other friendships. These things saddens me, and I would be lying if I said they didn’t haunt me to this day. Even then, I still wish to make everyone happy, since it’s part of me in the end. Aside of my friends, this is still one of the things that keeps me continue here. I wished there was a way for me thank every single friend who is still with me even after everything that happened, as nothing I can think would be enough to thank everyone.

To finish this journal without stretching it any further, I would like to inform everyone I’ll make a proper return by the next month, next year. I’m planning to do more YCH drawings, as well attempt to start streaming in Picarto.TV once again. Thanks to the help of my friends and commissioners, I was finally able to buy a powerful PC to allow me to draw in higher resolutions without having to worry about RAM memory and allow me to keep a browser opened, which was one of my dreams ever since I could remember. And aside this, as some of my friends know, I’m now using PostyBirb. This way I may post my content beyond DeviantArt without much trouble. Which reminds me, I now have other accounts in other sites. I’ve created them after my big bro Outr3Limit decided to move from DeviantArt (not literally) after he was harassed by some bad eggs. And while I’m still planning to continue in DeviantArt due to my old friendships and see how the site will change in the future, it’s good to have a backup account should something happens. As for my other accounts, you may follow me in:


I’m also planning to open an account in Twitter, but unlike the other accounts aside DeviantArt, where I will be posting the content I’ve posted in there (and maybe post my old, original drawings from years ago in Weasyl later), I’ll be using Twitter to post my current content. I’m still studying that, I need to see everything before creating an account in there. But that’s everything for now.

Happy Holidays for everyone, may 2021 be a better year for all of us and, no matter what happens, we may rest assured we have our parents, our friends and everyone we love with us, regardless of where they are. Until next time, everyone. ^^

Happy Holidays and Happy 2021, everyone!


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