For the hell he put me through by Stompychu

So, I've had a fur named Unknowcool/Walter say absolutely extremely cruel sickening stuff about me, destroying my whole reputation and standing on fa.

He's painted a deep picture of a victim, but does a victim steal, lie, cheat? Steal your friends? No, but this scumbag does. He is a utter liar and I'm out here to prove it.

For all the stuff he said about me!\_source=windtu&utm\_medium=visitPB&page=1

He got me banned; he actually had the nerve to speak of how the whole communitity is happy without me and alot more, how he stole all my deep friendships with people! I've never done anything wrong other than block certain people I didn't like on FA! But this is it! He bans me and actually made a journal about me afterwards!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You consider this a friend? No, he is heartless and cold and narcissistic and here is proof of him! The evil scumbag he really is!

For the hell he put me through


4 August 2013 at 08:07:23 MDT

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