Curse This Physical Form! by Ettie

Well first off, I'm happy to report that my recent opening of commissions was a huge success! I am so so grateful for all the interest as well as pleased with the results, and I'm excited to open again for another batch as soon as I can!

UNFORTUNATELY, I am but a mortal being with a fragile shell. Which is to say... owchies my wrists (both of them!). ;o; While it was my initial intention to open up again right away, sadly I have to give my body some time to recover before I can reliably promise more commission work. >.<

Not to worry, though. For better or worse, this is old hat to me now, and I have a reliable routine of exercises and stretches that will hopefully have me back in drawing shape in a matter of days.

In the meantime, I really appreciate everyone's patience while I recover. 🙏 And keep an eye out for stream announcements, too, because once I can draw again, I'm hoping to do some stream commissions before the next regular commission batch~

Curse This Physical Form!


3 October 2020 at 15:00:12 MDT

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