Trying to acquire new knowledge and learning other tools by BaronFangerus

I believe it has been almost a year since the last journal I wrote, by the way it was my first journal in my new DeviantArt/Weasyl account, so since almost a year I have really enjoyed this time practicing observation drawing which is exactly what I can do in my current financial conditions since I cannot spend money investing in a drawing or design course.

In these last almost ten months, I drew almost all kinds of things I love like anime characters, video games characters, bara versions of some characters and so on. I noticed that I managed to evolve a bit in terms of analysis, and I can better analyze an image that I see and I have more control when drawing, in addition to that my number of errors has decreased. This doesn't mean that I am drawing perfectly or that I know everything, in fact I am very far from that. I still have to learn techniques and develop my own trait over the time, and I also need to learn to draw the characters that I love so much from my own mental conceptions without clinging so much to what I see with my eyes.

I am writing this note so much for to tell a little about my personal evolution with drawing and also to thank all the faves and comments that some friends/acquaintances granted me; Your support is essential so that other people can give me a chance to get to know the work I do and maybe help me by commenting on my posts.

I would also like to share a personal wish with any artist who has many years of experience and if you have knowledge with BARA ART and MASCULINE ANATOMY, if you can point me to anything that can help me to draw muscular men or even give me some advice would be of great help, since I love BARA but I'm awful working with male anatomy and all I can do is basically draw something that I see sometimes changing details from the original figure to a new drawing.

Any tips or references will be of great help.

I would also like to inform you that maybe I tried to practice and learn a little about the InkScape tool, since I noticed some time ago that the DeviantArt/Weasyl search engine tends to indicate more to the public colorful digital arts, I am thinking of practicing and publishing some simple drawings that I will do in InkScape to try to differentiate my artwork and try to gain a little more prominence.

I'll tell you right away that I have no experience with illustration and techniques for coloring images, I'll learn something from the scratch.

I may publish some of the things I wrote as well, so everything is a bit uncertain.

My classes started again via remote teaching and honestly I am disappointed with remote teaching, some subjects and courses learning only flows better with practical experience and as there is no practice, the student's personal development drastically reduces.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. It's not much, but I hope someone who reads this can give me some tips or even their fave.

Thanks for everything and see you next time!

P.S: I'm listening like crazy to one of my favorite NWOBHM bands called 'Black Axe' (Pre-Wolf). They are from Carslisle (North West of England) and their sound is AWESOME!!!

Trying to acquire new knowledge and learning other tools


29 July 2020 at 07:48:31 MDT

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