Hiatus ... part 2 by rowedahelicon

Remember back in March, what feels like eons ago, when I mentioned I was finally done with my art hiatus and ready to get back to work? Well. I'm going back on it.

During this original hiatus, my ultimate goal was to spend some crunch time trying to catch up on some projects, do some study and get ready to unveil my new prices. During that time, I did wind up taking some work here and there, didn't get a ton of time to study, but I did come back and redid my price sheet and everything. And then corona happened in full force, which was a pretty awful time to suddenly value my non-essential services higher than usual >w>;;

Now don't worry of course! I am fine! I am getting by and aren't in some super desperate need of money. But that said, I have decided I will not be taking commissions again for the time being. Because my con appearances have been canceled and there's not a lot of sales going on otherwise, it just makes sense that I take the time now to just get stuff done!

There's a lot of personal projects I still want to catch up on, there are still personal art things I want to do, practice I want to do, etc etc. I don't want the stress of having to catch up on owed work anymore while I take on some other tasks!

That's all I gotta say for now! Thank you for listening! ^w^;

Hiatus ... part 2


15 May 2020 at 15:13:16 MDT

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