F5 by Bob Gray Wolf

Hello dear friends.

In these difficult days I have seen some people become depressed, desperate and therefore start to give up their precious dreams.
Of course, when we see so much bad news (and a very, very large amount of lies) spread by bad journalists and bad people in order to make matters worse, many of us start to have problems with our own psychological system.
But if we are strong enough to resist these things, we will surely overcome this terrible evil.
And how to win? Well, this may be difficult at first, but it is not impossible.

Start this way:

Try to read news directly from the source, because the more places it goes, the more it will lose quality or add wrong information.

And don't go overboard on reading news, just read about what you need to know.

Look for information other than just what is in evidence. Look for varied subjects, what do you like most? Science? Astronomy? Nature? Animal rescue? Arts?

Use your mind more for creativity, do some kind of crafts or gardening. Caring for plants can be very pleasurable. Try taking care of flowers, they will surely reward you with a smile!

The world is going through a difficult situation, but we can alleviate and help improve it more quickly if we do good things.
Know that it is useless to keep looking for who is to blame when everyone already knows who did it.
It is time to fix the damage and thus guarantee a better future for us and for the new generations to come.

Don't forget to recycle and good hygiene, this is also very important, always!

May God bless you and give you strength to overcome all these obstacles.


Bob Gray Wolf

15 May 2020 at 13:03:45 MDT

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