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EDIT: 9/4/13 Hey everyone! I just wanted to update this. School has started again and I got all of my summer artwork done :)

Hello followers and random users who happen to stumble upon my page :)

I haven't updated you guys since like forever. My summer break is almost over D: I have about 4 weeks left and I haven't done much xD The rain pretty much ruined this summer.

I have been slow with my artwork for multiple reasons: work, trips (Italy and my family vacation), and my college visits. I really even haven't had the time to work on my summer art projects x.x

BUT I plan on putting my ass in gear!

After I finish my summer art projects, which I'm allowing 2 weeks for (I only have to do 6 and one is about 80% done) I will be working on more artwork, some personal which I've had on my computer for awhile and I will get my one art trade done along with my 3 contest prizes.

To-do list:

Summer art projects √

Art trade 0/1

Contest prizes .50/3

Off the art subject: I just got my new cosplay yesterday in the mail. I will be cosplaying Yoko Littner from Gurren Laggan B) I just have the cosplay, not yet the boots, wig, and gun. Once I have some good pictures taken I will upload some WIP shots.

Now, onto the special offer!

The gun for the cosplay is $200, not including shipping. With shipping I'd say around $210. Because I will be working less since school will be starting up I wanted to get some of the money for it through commissions. My first goal is half: $105. If that goal is met I will raise it slowly. This offer will start after I finish my to-do list (up at the top). I will update this journal when it is done.

The offer: I am offering full body colored drawings with shading and backgrounds for $5, single character. If the commissioner wants more than one character to a drawing than the price will go up to $7 and so on ($2 for each character). I will draw anything including people, animals, and creatures. I can do OCs, fan art, and even erotic art.

The pictures will look like this:




Now for the good part: Along with the commission you will get a free traditional sketch of your choice. This has one stipulation: 2 character limit. The scanned image will be in good quality like this


All images will be emailed to the commissioner in JPEG format with no watermarks.

Payment will be through PayPal.

I will only accept 3 commissions at a time due to creating 2 images for each commissioner. I will have a waiting list on this journal based on first come first serve.

If you are interested or have any questions, please message me with details. Thank you :)

<3 Lauren

Update + a special offer


25 July 2013 at 23:04:16 MDT

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