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Hello folks,

So, I been thinkin to keep this going a weekly or so. Right now I just scrambles everything to this journal to tell you what's going on/updates on Arts and stuff. I don't want to be keep this a dark and silent about myself. I will be blunt and transparent with you all about everything. But promise you, I will not drag you down along dirty with Not need drama to gain the attentions to be populars and known about. I prefer you see my TRUEST side of chirpy and Cheerful person you will ever enjoying to hang out and listen my days/night things to do. Anyway not much to say. I want you know that Im not big scary creature... Im smol soft scary creature who love to chatting with you all on here and adore Celestials and everything relate to Space/Star/Moon Plus Aurora/Borealis/Northernlight. I will share my Amazon wishlist and Steam Wishlist if you feel nice to get something to show a support. I will take care them very good. Will put those up in Front page and already in my Discord's Channel "The Witchs Root"

Art: I plan to make an unlimited YCH and other stuff to make enjoyable for me and my mental mind. Yes my Commission is still OPEN and I want to see slots to be snagging away to be yours. I really want an CHALLENGE idea to draw as not always same same spieces to draw. I want a UNQIUE/Creative ideas to give me more mood to draw everything to progress and able expand my Patreon support to plegde me to able do some Comics to share with you and Create Lores/background of Morfan'Vulcan and Naois'Kali as where origins they come from or what's not then you all can create to those to start story about. So I will not try limited it to Closed spieces as once they have an proper lore/background as it will remain open after.

Can this Spring go end faster as make Fall coming here faster?? I don't like this season >:C I want to able be cozy in blankie without go oh Booooy HOT.

Be Good and Stay in home, PLEASE! Love you all!

🌌The Witch's Blog: Read inside!πŸŒ™


14 April 2020 at 23:45:13 MDT

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