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New to the site but not new. by Ajizza

I've been wanting to make Weasyl my main gallery for some time but haven't yet done that. So... in light of me changing my fursona recently I feel it's time to make the change in this regard as well.

I'll be keeping my old name too (which is why I have Kizzneth as my middle name :p ) but for the most part going under my new moniker on this site. With that in mind though you may still call me kizz or kizzneth. and I do still plan to post to my FA (though the Ajizza name won't be going over there since most people watch me as Kizz.) and I still plan to post the fusky specific pics to the kizzneth on here as an alt account. This here will be my main gallery though and all fusky pics will be cross posted to here. ^^

anyways I'm gonna be working hard on improving my art and my productivity to put up lots of fun things on here ^^

Welcome to my new home. Settle in, make yourselves comfy, and enjoy the debauchery. ^-^

New to the site but not new.


8 April 2020 at 09:28:54 MDT

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