Dem dreams, man! by DeRiften

The heat wave's finally gone, holy shit! Today I once again spent most of the day playing Mass Effect 2 since Orkekum didn't log in, meaning I didn't stream. Then for supper I did my specialty, turn an otherwise bland and common dish into a fancy & delicious one. In this case, I transformed mac & cheese. Three cheeses sauce, few drops of piri piri sauce, steak spices and Frankfurt sausages. You couldn't find better mac & cheese in any fancy restaurant and its value is below 3$! After that I watched America's Got Talent while practicing my stretching. I'm grade A++ in flexibility, AKA in the top 1% worldwide (at least for guys) but I still wanna get better. Finally I spent the rest of the evening playing Minecraft.

But ironically, the highlight of the day happened... last night. See, I had this weirdass dream but before I describe it, I gotta say a little backstory. See, in my dreams when I'm staying at a hotel, it's always the same hotel. Taller than the clouds, made with red bricks, situated right next to an awesome video game store where you can find memorabilia, figurines, posters, collection games (super expensive) and stuff; with a chatty and friendly owner (and only employee). The hotel is an administrative mess and has three elevators but one of 'em is broken most of the time and another one is for employees-only. What I mean by administrative mess is that they have valets that deliver your luggage directly from the airport or bus station to the room you reserved (yeah, you can't check in onsite and there's a bit of a waiting list for room reservations so ya gotta do it months in advance) but they always seem so either lose your luggage, forget about it or deliver it to the wrong room so there's always miles-long lines of angry customers at the clerk (only two clerks, btw). Also whenever I go there I always get the same room. 916 up at the 9th floor. It only has a single creaky bed in the corner and a coffee table right next to it with an old desk lamp from the 80s.

Okay, backstory over. Usually when I stay at that hotel it's because there's a furry con going on over there but this time there wasn't. I was sitting at the hotel's restaurant drinking coffee while reading the newspapers when I saw Rukis and her friend sitting at a nearby table. I recognized her but pretended I didn't since I figured she'd rather relax with her friend away from fans but I said hi anyway and she invited me to come sit and drink with 'em so I did. We chatted a bit and then got up and went somewhere (or at least they went somewhere without talking but I followed behind). After a while we ended up in a bus where she met three of her male friends so we stopped to chat and the bus departed without us realizing (dunno how we didn't realize the bus started moving since these are noisy and bumpy). After a couple hours the bus stopped and they got off but I figured it was time I left her alone so I stayed on the bus and stared off the window till I fell asleep. When I awoke after a full nine hours sleep (according to my watch), the bus had stopped so I got off and I was back in my town so I got in a taxi and came back home to find out she had left a shout on my FA page saying it was nice meeting me.

Pretty weird, huh? Why'd she even appear in my dreams?

Dem dreams, man!


21 July 2013 at 21:39:55 MDT

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    At the summerhouse currently. Be back on tuesday :o