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🌟🌟Commission TOS +For 2020+🌟🌟 by Sapphirus

These is my new Commission TOS for 2020, I decided to post it now, instead of on New Years since it would feel weird to for me for some reason. ALSO Check out my updated rules for Adopts also here, I edited the old one:

By commissioning me, you by default have agreed to these terms and rules.

Q/A about my art and some other things can be found here:

•FYI: Anyone who associates, defends, promotes child porn art, cub porn art etc, I will deny all commissions from you period. I don't want pedophiles to be fans of me & my work. SORRY!

•FYI 2: Make sure to give me specific details of your character, nothing i have to guess, if you want 100% Artistic freedom though, be specific of that also.
••All artwork I draw is copyrighted to me and I have the right to repost it anywhere I do art at etc. If you wanna stay Anonymous of the pic you commission me (No names etc on the info) then ask, I will gladly do that for you as I REFUSE to take commissions I can't post on my site, they are posted for show & advertising purposes. I have the right to deny any commission that im not comfortable with. Some poses might not be my advantage and im not an anatomy pro, so please, be familiar with my style before commissioning me also.

•••Sapphirus NSFW requests •••

Will ignore people who ask me this, my character is not to be humiliated in any way especially. I draw her only with humans/other Kemonomimis, or with her Husbandos, if SFW art of her, especially with your character etc, I won't mind.

🌟🌟••• TERMS OF SERVICE •••🌟🌟

••• WILL DRAW •••
••• WONT DRAW •••

••• ART TIME •••
I set a time to get each art pic done in or within a week. If something comes up that will delay time, I will let you know and sometimes things come up where I can't respond back right away (Like blackouts etc), please be patient. If you're a slow responder that slows down the process of the commission time I set and takes longer, then that counts as a fair extended time excuse, life happens also.

Please don't rush me also, messaging me every hour about a commission or trying to make obviously impatient gestures to me in messages (like on Discord) is annoying, I can see if I don't respond to you in 2 days or something. (Also, btw, ppl who wonder how I get my commissions done faster, occasionally due to boredom, I MIGHT start art commissions while waiting for your note or responses, so yeah, WIPs are usually done if you take longer to respond back to me...this is a bad habit if the commissioner changes their mind LOL.)

••• PRICES •••
Prices are based on the commission difficulty for all 4 quality types. The more detailed/characters in a commission though, the more time it takes to finish. Headshots, bust shots etc aren't out yet, characters drawn in art are usually full bodied (With some exceptions, like character being in water, or something infront of them etc.)

NO picky customers, i'm not perfect at anatomy, don't expect me to be.

••• PAYMENTS •••
PAYPAL ONLY. My two options is Pay whole before commission or pay half before it, as I make things more convinient this way. If half, you MUST pay the other half before I color the work, aka when the Lineart phase is accepted. I can send invoices or you can send me the payment, either is fine.

••• QUALITY •••
I do only 4 types of coloring qualities for my artwork; Flatcolored, Cellshaded, Shaded Lineart, and Fully Shaded.

••• CONTENT •••
I draw anthros as a majority, but my personal preference works is human and kemonomimi. I draw things within limits. I don't draw what other ppl want that goes against my beliefs and standards to become popular, rich etc. Don't guilt trip me either, I will block you.

••• REFUNDS •••
Full refunds is only allowed before I draw the final lineart (aka pink WIP Phase). If a scam happens, I will recycle the character in some way for profit, such as an adopt, design etc, the person will be blocked perma and exposed on my Discord server/beware groups . Only had this happen once.

••• CUSTOMS •••
Customs and Designs, are a fine line between an adopt and a commission. I'll do them gladly, I don't limit myself to original stuff only, fan etc OCs welcomed!

Paypal email is: Lildottiejr[at]
Again, PP ONLY, I don't accept anything else, trades especially. Must be ready to pay when commissioning me. Example: Asking me to send invoices and not being ready with the payment that you never gathered. Waste of time.

If you wanna commission me or ask me something you're concerned about that isn't listed in the TOS or wont/will draw list, don't hesitate to ask! Note me! Just please DON'T send notes about a fetish in explicit details Aka telling me how you want your character's feet to be on another etc, just ask if I draw something specifically. I might possible decline your commission if it's something I don't support, or too complicated to draw for me. Don't try to shove things down my throat either, if I say no, then it's a no. I will say it politely as I can.

🌟🌟Commission TOS +For 2020+🌟🌟


2 January 2020 at 05:04:47 MST

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