Final Entry of 2019 by PlasmaFang70

Well, everyone...

This year went by very quick but at least I managed to get some things done. I may be slacking a bit on my works but I'll post the chapters up before this year ends. I'm putting a slight hold on my arts til the first of January.

Speaking of arts, I'm slowing getting into doing digitals now and I'm in a process of finishing up my revamped ref of my sona.

On commissions, I hope to get some more the following year since I've gotten only 2 this year. It did took me 3 years to finally get one but it's a great start. Plus, I still need to work on my adopts and YCH and I hope get some takers soon.

On my stories again, I'm back in my writing groove and for those on, I'm really REALLY sorry for taking so long to update my works because I've been struggling with writers block constantly. I should try asking for help on them sometime and some for help on commissions too.

I also need to talk more and lose my introvert ways because throughout this year, I realize that I need to be open a little more.

That's all for this entry. I'll add more whenever I get the chance! Bye!

Final Entry of 2019


29 December 2019 at 15:36:48 MST

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