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my season finale review is almost ready by ShawnSkunk

my season finale review is almost ready
I just need to work on a review image to post with it when it's time, thinking of shooting an in game photo shot from GT Sport, but to do that I'll need to raise 20,000,000 in game credits to buy the Ferrari needed for the shot
which will probably take a while considering how grindy it's gonna be rasising that kind of in game currency, as for the GT40 part of the shot?, it's already pre prepped ahead of time,
I'll be uploading to FurAffinity first and when I do?, I just hope when I do upload the image with the review that I don't get in trouble with the FA admins for uploading my own photo shot in a game by me using the games photography feature,
something a lot of GT gamers like myself did on the internet and never got in trouble for it because it's our own photos that we shot ourselves.

my season finale review is almost ready


7 December 2019 at 23:49:12 MST

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