Ford VS Ferrari movie review sneak peak :3 by ShawnSkunk

just a sneak peak into what is in store for what will be my final review for the season, I hope you enjoy ;3

hotwheels cars on a paper race track

AutoSkunk: vroom! VROOM! SCREEECH!! your turn Kent OwO

Kent Fox: okay rolls the dice I just rolled high enough to take the lead WOOHOO! ^w^

AutoSkunk: barnacles

Kent Fox: so I hear talk that the Ford VS Ferrari movie recieved high praise from critics on it's big premeire at that film festival

AutoSkunk: so I heard, and after seeing it myself?, it was really good inspite of some historical inaccuracies

Kent Fox: I thought what we saw in the movie was the way it went in real life, you know? based off a true story

AutoSkunk: well you got a point there Kent but true story based don't always exactly mean they're truly 100% accurate to the historical facts of whatever the movie is based off of, and unless we know the facts we can't be sure absolutely sure how accurate some of them really are

Kent Fox: really?

AutoSkunk: why yes, really my adorable clever skunk eating fox of a friend ^w^
just take a look true story based movies like Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor movie, Michael went waay out of his way to make it only partially historically accurate while trying to make a stupid godawful love story out of it, and surely it did poorly in the box office and recieved a lot of blood curtling screamage from none other than Doug Walker aka the Nostolgia Critic, was that bad
now let's take a look at the newest true story based movie "Midway"
that movie I could was pretty accurate even though I can't 100% sure on how accurate it really is to historical fact but yet I enjoyed watching that movie because of epic it was far as pilots showing no fear and showing absolute bravery when they went diving practically 90 degrees straight down dive bombing those Japanese aircraft carriers and there was never any cliche movie romance bullshit in it unlike Michael Bay's movie
and like any true story movie the only to find out how historically accurate it really is we have to look at the movie and compare it to the historical facts it's based off of in order to get the clear picture of what were supposed to be looking at and looking for in a true story based movie
now do you understand Kent?

Kent Fox: ........foxes eat skunks?

AutoSkunk: you didn't get a word I said, did you?, and you mean didn't know that scientific fact about foxes?

Kent Fox: looks around no?

AutoSkunk: you never were raised in the wild, were you?

Kent Fox: uuhh, no...not really

AutoSkunk: it shows

Kent Fox: what?

AutoSkunk: this is the Ford VS Ferrari movie review OwO

Ford VS Ferrari movie review sneak peak :3


3 December 2019 at 11:06:33 MST

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