Slowing Down On Weasyl by OwenConcorde

I’m not going to be using Weasyl a lot like I used to and it's because the site has technical difficulties which slows down and sometimes messes up on me. I’m just going to save some of the next several artwork I’ll be making next for here and keep them until Weasyl is fine to submit. I’m just going to wait especially since Weasyl is still an open source website and it must be hard on the people who are operating the website which they are working hard to keep it stable and running. Besides, it doesn’t have a huge living machine community presence there yet, so I’ll just push that site to the bottom of the barrel for now. It’ doesn’t mean I’m quitting Weasyl, but it will not be prioritized like I do with Fur Affinity being first and Facebook would come second.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has trouble using Weasyl, but if you do have an account on there and you’re having difficulties getting there, please tell me about it.

Slowing Down On Weasyl


1 December 2019 at 17:34:37 MST

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    Awe ;w; okay. This was one of the only places where I see your art other than on my discord server. Promise you will still post your art there? XD