Snacksgiving by Cuprohastes

The importance of Snacksgiving vs Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a co-opted harvest festival that's common across the northern hemisphere of our Big Blue Marble. It's about the time the harvest is in, everyone's looking at a long cold winter, and thinking '... This is going to suck'.

The Pre-Christian cultures celebrated by having food. The Christiaqns decided, for PR reasons to jsut declare every existing holiday wasalso a Christian holiday, wouldn't you know it, and sort of re-branded. This isn't news. Youknew this already.

So the USA decides to have Thanks Giving, insta-invents a whole mythological back story around it, and implements it as a holiday.

Worth noting the original Thanksgiving was in October.

But this is the Century of hte Fruitbat, and people don't sit around giving thanks for things. Things are generally shit. There's a list of what's wrong every where you turn - what the hell have you got that you're supposed to pretend makes up for all the myriad ills of the world? It's 'let's pretend' while your mental health erodes.


Don't pretend.

Just show up, say "Well I survived another year in the darkest timeline, give me some meat, some veg, and top it off with as much sugar as my pancreas can stand then we'll all sit around half watching a movie, doign a little social bonding and talk about leftovers and The Baby Yoda Show". Call it Snacksgiving, the day of Big Food.



28 November 2019 at 18:12:58 MST

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