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Commissions, Conventions, Gaming, and More! by Ettie

HELLOOOOOOO! Yes, it's that time. Time I step into my big boy shoes and put on my big boy pants (not in that order) and wonder who the heck left all these big boy clothes in my house. It's time for the big one. It's time for. Commissions.

BUT FIRST! Much as I wish I could simply say “comms open!” this is my first time doing such a thing, so a liiiiittle explanation is required. TwT Please bear with me!

First off, awesome news! I have been confirmed for the Artist Alley at Anthro New England! As of now, I am only confirmed for Sunday, but on the waitlist for Friday and Saturday, so if anything changes I’ll be sure to provide an update! Not to mention, I’m also on STAFF at ANE! I’ll be hosting tournaments in the video game room on Friday and Saturday, so it’d be great to see some of you there! More details on that as we get closer to the con...

But speaking of closer cons, did someone say “Midwest FurFest?” Because that’s under a month away (oh god) and I’ll be there too! In fact, while I was writing this journal, I became approved for a space in the mature art show! However, MFF’s artist alley works on a daily lottery, so I can’t promise any dates just yet. For that, keep an eye on my twitter for daily updates during convention time!

And now of course, the real reason we’re all here...

So, I never officially closed for commissions after Furpoc, I just sorta figured that I wouldn’t have to worry about it too much while I worked on take-homes. But then wow. Some of you were... actually asking? And I’m so incredibly flattered by that??? So to those of you who had asked, thank you for being so patient and understanding, for now the time has come, so COME AND GET ME! Due to the necessity of MFF preparation, slots will be very limited!!

For anyone unfamiliar with my at-home commission process, I process all of my commissions through, which is a very useful tool for organizing art sales that keeps track of all the relevant details and treats both buyers and sellers fairly! That being said, I’m still rather new to the commission business as a whole, and I’m still feeling out how best to handle communication, since, while useful and secure, communicating purely through can be a bit clunky. That being the case, if you would like to inquire about a potential commission, please feel free to send me a note here, or message me on Telegram @Ettie, and I’ll be happy to talk things over with you.

Regardless of communication method, I ask that you understand we will be communicating on a professional basis only, and I will not be able to respond to personal inquiries or be available for casual chatter. While I will make every effort to respond as quickly as I am able, I can not guarantee instantaneous replies. In general, you should expect to wait no more than 24 hours for a response unless I am away at a convention or have otherwise noted that I am unavailable.

In addition to the above note, in the event that you see me online and I am not responding, please understand that I mean you no disrespect! I may be responding to or checking other messages, as I do also use telegram for my own personal communication, and likely I am simply saving work-related messaging for a more appropriate time.

If so, click here to see a list of my current commission offerings. c:


“But Ettie, where are your $10 Anime Furry Nudes™? Did your prices really go up already?”
Long answer:
Well, if I may peel back the curtain a little and just be candid about it, the $10 sketches were meant to be a quick and rough at-con special offering—something less refined than my typical commissions but which I could do reliably in a timely manner to better meet the demands of a convention. For better or worse, however, I had a hard time NOT putting more work into all of them, so basically anyone who commissioned me at Furpoc got AT LEAST my $15 level commissions for a VERY special at-con deal indeed! xD

Do you have a will/won't draw list?
Like many things relating to art for me right now, I'm still figuring that out! There is a short list in my ToS, though in brief, generally, although I don't draw genitalia (for "reasons"), I WILL draw kinks! However, I will not draw most of the common “hard” kinks (i.e. blood/gore/scat/etc). So that being said, please don’t be afraid to be horny, my dudes! (and of course, still absolutely nothing wrong with remaining pure and innocent as well, my sweet summer children! 🙏). As neither this nor my ToS are exhaustive lists, if there is something you are unsure about, please don't hesitate to simply ask! I don't judge! That's an Ettie Guarantee™! I promise that the worst that will happen is I simply decline, likely because it's something I'm just not capable enough of drawing.

Any other questions? JUST ASK ME ya big silly!

So that takes care of commissions and conventions, but what about gaming? I said that in the title too, didn't I? YES, did you know I actually used to stream games? Pretty regularly, in fact, and I even became a Twitch Affiliate just a couple months ago! And- Y'know what? Let's just make this an FAQ too. That's easier for me.

So what happened to your game streams! You used to stream almost daily!
I KNOOOOOOW! ;O; Those of you who previously attended my streams know I am on the record as having stated that I did not intend for art to replace streaming! And that is still true! However, much to my surprise (and gratitude), art has taken off very quickly, and while I figure out how to keep up with it and best balance out my life, sadly that means streaming must take a temporary—temporary—backseat. But rest assured I still love streaming, and once art settles down and becomes more consistent, I DO intend to return to at least a semi-regular stream schedule as before! In fact, between now and MFF, I still plan to at least host a few mini streams so I don’t lose my affiliate status (twitch is very strict about that stuff!).

If you would like to know when I go live, CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TELEGRAM NOTIFICATION CHANNEL.

Well then, what are your streams like?
Glad you asked! While streaming is something I did very regularly, I never intended to take it too seriously. I think of streams like an excuse to hang out. My favorite streams to watch are the ones that feel like a casual chill hangout on the sofa with friends, and that’s exactly the kind of vibe I strive for in my own streams. If you’re nervous about showing up, afraid of not being “one of the regulars,” or anything like that, I assure you there is no pressure at all! Everyone’s company is always appreciated, even if you’d just like to watch quietly on your own. After all, the whole point of me streaming is for people to watch, right? And the whole point of you watching is to have a nice time, in whatever way that means for you. All I want is to make a place for people to relax, hang out, and have a good time. c:

And what kind of games do you play?
Well, that question is a bit tricky. True to the “casual vibe,” I don’t stick to any one game or genre for too many streams at a time. I find the best streams are the ones where I can be most comfortable, because it sets a much better tone and helps everyone else be more comfortable as well. As soon as I start feeling like I “have” to play a certain game or “have” to stream on a certain day or time, it starts being stressful and stops being fun! Even if that means I may frequently rotate through games you have no interest in, that’s quite alright and there are no hard feelings! I’ll certainly come back around to something you’re into sooner or later! And besides, you may even find you like just hanging out anyway. c:

A sample list of games I have played in the past includes...
Dark Cloud
Dragon's Crown
FTL: Faster Than Light
God Hand
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Mega Man Legends
Taiko: Drum Master

So, this of course begs the obvious question: Why don't you stream art?

AND THAT, my friends, it's what it's like when Ettie takes a journal seriously. For those of you who stuck with me until the end and read all the way through, just hit me up with the secret password to claim your free art.

And now without further ado, COME. AND. GET ME.


Commissions, Conventions, Gaming, and More!


14 November 2019 at 20:07:43 MST

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