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Happy 4th of July - Art Update by StangWolf

Happy Independence Day/4th of July everyone!

I hope everyone is having/had a wonderful day today! <3

Just popping in briefly with an update of sorts.

As of my previous couple of journals, ya'll know I've had to delay my official opening for commissions. However, this does not mean that I'm not.

The plan now is to get through most if not all of my currently in progress art. More than likely it will just be most of them, once I get to a point where I only have a handful left it shouldn't be a problem to open for commissions. I mainly say this because once I open for commissions they'll become a priority and I know a lot of commission artists don't always have a lot of time to work on their own art and projects.

I'll also be finishing up a few things that are commission prep, as well as I hope to bang out a couple of my current requests, trades and especially my kiriban art.

I'm going to do my best to put new art ideas on hold until I've got most of what I currently have off my plate. It's been HARD to just stop drawing new stuff! I've got a slew of new ideas too, but if I just keep adding on to the mountain of art I currently have in various stages of completion I'll just keep making said mountain taller.

I've also got to get my prices set before I can open, and there's a few pieces of art that I've got in progress and a couple I will probably get started shortly that are going to help me with my pricing. Not to mention they'll be my examples to offer for certain commission options I hope to offer.

So yes, it may still be a month or two before I'm even preparing myself to open for commissions, but it's coming. No worries.

Either way though, ya'll will be getting art no matter what, so I hope if anything ya'll are still enjoying yourselves! ^^

Until next time!


Happy 4th of July - Art Update


4 July 2013 at 19:35:48 MDT

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