Quick Update by Eyrich

I'd like to start by saying, no I'm not quiting them. Quite the contrary, I'm extending it to a whole other month. So through to the end of July I will be offering these limited pallette commissions as PWYW. However, until the end of June (or until I feel I can give out a good enough product) I will be practicing and taking mental notes through various practices. (As advised by my mentor) And as I said before expression commissions are still available but they are at 12 dollars. Please feel free to get as many of these as you'd like. These are quick for me to do and I'm sure you'll enjoy them! :)

Moving on to the next thing, I totally have a website now. See right here! theportman It's still very much in Alpha, so feel free to give me your input in the questions and comments section. Here you can find my previous artwork current projects and a quick bio. It'll bulk out as I get more suggestions, hopefully to your enjoyment! Thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to partake~ <3

Also a little something else to tell you I'm definitely not going to be much available the next few days. You see AC is coming up in a few days aaaaaaand I will be hitting that up! So until the 9th I won't be available and once the tenth hits I will be moving alll the way back down to Alabama ya'll. So I guess the next few days I will be pretty much as inactive as I have been recently.... so forgive the momentary hiatus. Thanks alot for all of your watchings!

Quick Update


29 June 2013 at 18:22:34 MDT

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