2 Pt. journal- WHY I need to take Commissions! by Rabid_Twitch

Pt. 1:

We are taking a trip from east coast to west coast to visit family for a month. in this trip we'll be flying to Seattle and renting a car and driving to visit various family members and old friends on the way and making our way through ID, UT and down to AZ then flying back to NC. Trip is going to stupid expensive but its something we need to do. My husbands Grandparents aren't doing well and his Grandfather has prostate cancer. He hasn't seen them in about 10 years.. :( I haven't seen my last grandfather since my son was 6 months old and he'll be 4 years old next month. I already missed my grandmother and hadn't seen her in 3 years and she passed away from cancer within less than a week of being diagnosed. My grandfather is in decent enough health but I need to see him and I don't want something to play out with him like it did my grandmother. we haven't seen anyone other than my inlaws and my mom in the last 3 years. I haven't seen my brother in 2 years and that was a stressful time dealing with my crazy ass mom and he motorcycle accident. My trip to AZ from Germany 2 years ago was nice in that i did get to see a couple people and my husbands parents but in dealing with her BS and everything else and getting my brother settled it was also beyond stressful. We'll be taking this trip either way and will be strapping ourselves financially. a lot of our travel costs like plane tickets and probably the rental car will be put on the CC that we do have and keep for emergency only use but ANY money I can scrabble together myself would help so much. from any meals out we have to do while driving and gas costs and etc. I have until roughly the 1st week of september before we leave and i won't be able to work on anything while i'm gone. so any work you guys could throw my way would help SOOOO much! donations are welcome in any amount no matter how small and any journal or word of mouth coverage is also appreciated! Thank you!

Pt. 2 :

SO the airforce has decided that they'd paid us too much ( which happens often ) they didn't cut off something when we PCS'ed that we don't get now for living on base. so they are like with out warning only giving us 2 $700 paychecks. this last one and the 1st of the month check... AND on top of that his GTC card ( government travel card we put hotel rooms and base hotel rooms on so we don't pay for them out of pocket ) they are INSISTING that they did in fact pay us the $400 thats on the card to pay it off with when they in fact haven't and are saying go fuck yourself and we have to take $400 of our $700 and pay the card. thankfully our car payments don't come out until our second check of the month but we need groceries n stuff. like my kids are damn near out of shampoo and my car has almost zero gas. thankfully i've been going NOWHERE literally for almost 2 weeks now. my husband wants to take a $400 AFRC loan out to cover the card stuff but this is going to SEVERELY hurt our chances of going to visit family in september and he's probably deploying in the spring :/ so please if you have any spare cash for a commission please let me know i really need to get some money together. You'd think that since we've been here since March all this crap would have already been straightened out but nope. -.- times like this is when i really dislike the air force/ military in general. when they pull crap like this.

For anyone who would like to donate no matter how small please send to RabidMouseStudios@gmail.com ! Thank you so much!

For a commission please see here: https://www.weasyl.com/view/205918 for details on prices!

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2 Pt. journal- WHY I need to take Commissions!


27 June 2013 at 20:17:51 MDT

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