A tribute to Spike by Leon 13

I rarely watch My Little Pony. Not because I'm embarrassed, because I feel my presence disgraces it. This feeling is very rare and only occurs when one of my idols is present in the media. And that Idol, is Spike the Dragon.

I remember when I first saw him. I think the episode was called "Applebuck season". He was just following Twilight around, such an obedient dragon. Then I remember when I first heard him speak, he offered Twilight an apple with a worm in it and asked "want one?".

There are many reasons why I love Spike. One is that he is a dragon. Another is because he's more of a side character. The second reason is difficult to explain. It possibly because his lower amount of involvement builds up enthusiasm in fans like myself to create media about himself.

And indeed it did. Though I've never published any, I always imagine storylines about him inside my head everyday. One of the craziest was when he wanted to become a vigilante and took the fragments of Nightmare Moon's shattered armor, crafted it into a custom suit of armor and it gave him powers.

Growing attached to him, I often despise characters who pick on him. This includes Trixie, Rainbow Dash, and most of all, those bastard dragons from "Dragon Quest". I always imagine Spike giving into his hatred and slaughtering them all. Ahhh, that would be awesome.

I love Spike so much, not too long ago, I actually watched a trailer for the upcoming Movie to see if he would be in "the other dimension". He was, although he was now a dog.

Spike also encouraged me to write an outline for a video game series based on Dragons. It's currently called "Project Fang" after the main character. Many of the characters are based on characters from MLP. Fang is based on Spike, Eclipse is based on Twilight, and Solar is based on Shining Armor. I started writing an outline for an Eclipse based story first, because I wanted a point in the game where Fang fights and defeats some of her former adversaries that appear in her story. I also plan on making some other characters based on Characters from MLP. Including Discord, Trixe, and The changlings.

So now you know my uncontrollable worship to Spike. We can only hope that one day, he gets his own spin off series.

A tribute to Spike

Leon 13

25 June 2013 at 10:15:04 MDT

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