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Any readers out there? by Kitsu Karamak

Any readers out there? If so, I'll keep updating. I posted 12 chapters of book1, 11 chapters of book2, and the first chapter of book3... But if no body is interested, I won't waste anyone's time. :3

But if someone is reading... and I know... that at LEAST *ONE* person is reading... I will continue to post!

Just let me know! :D

Any readers out there?

Kitsu Karamak

17 June 2013 at 14:07:15 MDT

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    I like your story's to date they are interesting and well written but the chapters are a little to short,

    (to much spacing between paragraphs in my opinion).

    so i would like to see how this tale ends.

    Regards darkhorse70

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      I appreciate that! The space between the paragraphs happened when the upload happened. I kept pulling them down and putting them back up to try and make the spacing stop but... Weasyl spaced the paragraphs, some worse than other chapters. D:

      In act1, Book3, the first chapter has ridiculous margins that go to the edge of a white background, which is even weirder. Because I wrote all of these on a "blank templet" ...In the future I'll try using .RTF files, or maybe I'll try using PAGES instead of WORD. I'm not yet sure. But it's frustration. I've posted all these stories on SoFurry and it took a while to make sure I got the style of the font just right so it's easiest to read and enjoyable. I like nice big lettering, centralized sections and just... yeah. stuff. haha, I guess I'm OCD about certain things but... not OCD enough to flip out if I can't get it to just work.

      However, I am thinking about re-writing chapter one of the first book. I read it the other day and I cringed. lol

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      Btw thank you. I appreciate someone following the story. I'll post chapter 2 of book 3, "MK Ultimate" tomorrow. My GF is in town and I wanted to show her a good time before she leaves back to Florida tomorrow 'n stuff. :3