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How My Little Pony was unfair to the Furry Fandom by RDK

I am not trying to beat on a dead horse. I am simply pointing out how bias the whole thing against the Furry Fandom became apparent when the Brony thing started. When said Fandom started at the cesspool of the internet named 4chan, I noticed that it would be fiercely defended not only by said Bronies themselves, but also by the media and any other medium/person in existence, all because of some misguided presumption that these people would be subjected to unfair discrimination and bullying for liking a kid's cartoon, whose demographic was mainly towards the female expectrum not unlike Strawberry Shortcake and such.

While I had supported the ideal of not bullying anyone for what they like, I never was in terms with Bronies for the fact that they would always take this to the next level, as if it was a matter of life or death if you ever stated something negative about it. You would see a tsunami of confrontational people swarming over you to the point that it was no longer about defending a fandom, it was about ATTACKING anyone who would ever point out the negative side to said fandom. Bronies on their end of things would also act as if they were persecuted, lynched all because they like what they like and enjoy the cartoon to the point of becoming part of their everyday lives.

Does this sound familiar?

As stated above, the Brony fandom emerged from 4chan after its members wanted to make My Little Pony Friendship is Magic their latest target of ridicule. It was already known just how much they hate the Furry fandom and would mock it and its members like it was a normal thing. This along with many other types of bullying and discord they would ever post in such place, because it was manly to do so. So when they saw just how likeable the new Pony cartoon was, they went on against their primal urges to attack it and anyone who was a fan of it, opting for creating their own little fandom on which males could enjoy such cartoon as much as females. Of course being who they are, they knew that it would be their own demise with the fact that they would now be the ones being the target of ridicule, therefore they would do the most sensible thing about it.

They would frantically attack anyone who would dare point out how ridiculous they were in creating a fandom of their own.

For the first time, kids at 4chan would experience all the humiliation and mockery that they had done to others for years and they would never stand by it. Rather than try and voice their own right to like what they like, they would make sure that if anyone ever opened their mouth they would close it and make sure that person would suffer for trying to bully the bullies. You know, kind of like furries except that the furry fandom never went in arms to cyberbully anyone about anything.

And there lies the difference. While I know some of the Furry Fandom could had done damage to others in the name of said fandom, I have barely seen any type of savage psychotic behavior that would lead others in attacking anyone who would mock them. Bronies in the other hand had this neurotic instinct in attacking others for little to no reason whatsoever and would even state bullying was pretty much justified when they did it.

There are many other misdoings which Bronies have done all the way until the cartoon ended, but I don't want to make this journal longer than needed.

While Bronies had the benefit of being shielded by about anyone who believes its wrong to make fun of them for liking a cartoon a bit too much, Furries had been continuously being made fun of for the same reason. What's so different between Bronies and Furries anyway? They both like animal cartoons, they both have mostly the same kind of unhealthy interest on said characters, whether is innocent or...expressive. Bronies have adapted many fetishes straight out of the Furry Fandom and implemented it on cute pony characters just as well, just check sites like derpibooru for instance.

But here we are, Bronies have the benefit of the media on their side while Furries continued to be a laughingstock.

I am not defending anything. I am pointing out how hypocritical everything is. People in general want to defend Bronies for being unique in their passion about a cartoon, but they would not bother to try and set any form of equality metaphor for the Furry Fandom and I doubt they ever will.

How My Little Pony was unfair to the Furry Fandom


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