New Chapter: IT'S MAGIC: Food Party! by DonPretzel

With the first chapter of It's Magic is concluded, we begin the second. Featuring Rick and Danny as they join a house party themed around food transformations with a rent-a-slots, one armed bandit machine. It's essentially a transformation roulette, but the level of TF varies. You could be an anthropomorphised food version of yourself, all the way to being actual giant food, and edible!

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The first chapter follows the 'Flyby Transformations' short, that I posted a while back. Featuring a witch on a transformation spree.
Now that's complete, the series continues with the Food Party Bandit story, that feature a food bandit machine at a house party, and a myriad of food related transformations. Everyone familiar with my bandit illustrations from a while back will know how fun that should be.
From there, we'll then spend a night with a [b]stage magician as he... and you guessed it, performs transformative magic tricks! :D
And then to round it off, we should be taking a visit to Tairary, a planet just oozing with a magic aura. A hotspot for tourists looking to get "[b]changed[/b]".

New Chapter: IT'S MAGIC: Food Party!


20 September 2019 at 12:34:09 MDT

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