Gonna Try Something New by StangWolf

Well...not right this second, but I think I'm gonna start trying to practice some with different body types.

My characters all kinda lean toward one body type for male and female respectively.

Time to change that.

I kinda want to thicken up some of my chickies some, tone some bodies down a tad (except maybe my gargoyles since well...gargoyles are warriors lol) make things a little softer maybe.

Now granted some characters, like Todd, Aubrey, & Alix are at the body type I'm satisfied with as far as their character goes and such.

I have been trying to thicken Tala up some, might give her a little more fluff on her hips and such. Move toward matching my own body style a little closer I think. She is my "fursona" after all!

Just feel like I need to broaden my artistic horizons some and experiment. It's time to try some new stuff!

We'll see, I'll be doing some body type studying and you'll probably be seeing some of my characters taking on some changes in the future. Might be subtle at first, not really sure how this is gonna work out but I think it'll be fun!


Besides that, we actually had a reschedule for Memorial Day weekend and I'll be spending time with family all day on Sunday.

Saturday and Monday however will be art focused. So be prepared to see more sketches, inks, and I'm gonna try and work some color in!

Tonight, I'm chillin though. Fixin to go get in bed and listen to this thunderstorm rolling in.

Hope everyone had a great week and is gearing up for a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Amongst all the grilling and such don't forget to stop and recognize the reason for this holiday weekend! It's not just the first official weekend of summer, it's much much more than that.

Until next time!


Gonna Try Something New


24 May 2013 at 20:50:47 MDT

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    Might be nice to try that. Male and Female aren't just black and white. There are some gray areas in between. It's been estimated that about 1 in every 5000 people are born with an ambiguous sex awkwardly classified as intersex.

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      Exactly! I think it'll be fun to work on and experiment and see what I can do. Stretch outside my lil comfort bubble some more. ^^