Muzz is a horrible person. by RDK

I will go on stating that I never cared about this person that for some reason is so popular in the furry thing, given that her art is too bizarre for me to even care about. I never had a negative opinion about her overall, I simply would gander at some of the stuff she drew that seemed of interest as with any other artist out there without ever interacting with them, because I never felt to be at the same level of "greatness" as they were so I could never be around their circle even if I tried. However, this person went on messing with me in hopes that she could get revenge for having arguments with her buddies, of whom are pretty psychotic and love to stalk people just to get back at them. Why did she got involved is up to anyone's guess, but thanks to that I can see what kind of person she really is. Unfortunately I doubt anyone reading this would agree on that given she is just SO popular and whatnot online. And we know that is what counts and not facts.

Muzz came out of nowhere after I had a fallout with some person named "Bloo," formerly known as "Little Blue Wolf." I was ranting on about it at furaffinity when she then shows up in a comment asking me not to be too rough on that person, but denying having anything to do with her much less being her buddy. Right. In any case, being she is one of the omg so popular furry artists giving me attention about it I went on along with the farce that time, also exchanging AIMs talking about what happened between me and that other person. She seemed convincing enough, pretty tame. Little I knew that she was just setting me up, playing with my trust.

Muzz would also let me know about Weasyl after what Dragoneer did to me and was not being able to go to "deviantart" either. I was looking for another place to post all my stuff and she was "kind enough" to let me know of the place. I made my account there afterwards.

It was not long after that I found out that while she was doing all this, Muzz was also saying crap about me on my back at a Livejournal post the person known as moonstonewind started, complaining about crap that never happened between me and her and whom I also had problems with on about how much of a stalking bully she is. I noticed "Bloo" was also on about being a one-sided crybaby feigning innocence on about what happened between us as well. Muzz would go on posting anything she found out about me including that account I recently opened at Weasyl SHE recommended among other things I confided on her which she freely revealed in the open to those bullies.

I confronted Muzz on how she was using me and being a total lying backstabber, taking advantage of my trust. She simply laughed at my face saying that I got no friends and no one cared about me.

And that is the kind of person Muzz is. I found out that she would also block any account I would have at twitter, even those that I never revealed to anyone nor had any hints that I was the same person using them. Just like her psychotic stalking buddy "Bloo," she would be well informed of my activities online. If this does not convince you on how creepy and psychotic this person is then I cannot see how you would see her as a "kind" person.

Muzz is a horrible person.


11 September 2019 at 12:31:38 MDT

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