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Furry Migration 2019 Recap by RentonTBuck

Had quite an eventful Saturday, for I attended a local convention known as Furry Migration.

I arrived at the Hyatt Regency hotel around noon, got myself registered for the con, and managed to find my friend known as The Poetry Ninja so that we could talk over using his hotel room for the day. After getting into my fursuit, I arrived at the Main Stage area to get everyone's group photo in and then do what is known as the fursuit parade.

Next, I did the Studio Photography session, which was themed around sports. I got to use a few props such as a baseball bat, a baseball, a football and a toy slice of watermelon while in costume.

Then I participated in what is known as the Fursuit Games. There was a Red Team and a Green Team, and I was picked for the Green team. We did a relay race with hockey sticks around small cones, attempt to get a hula hoop through a linked chain of participants, and do a horseshoe toss-style game with small traffic cones. Both teams ended up in a tie, but after a vote from the audience that was watching everything, the Green Team won (our prize was Gatorade drinks).

After being in my fursuit for three hours, I got so worn out that I decided to get out of it and clean it in The Poetry Ninja's room; this took quite a while to do.

Finally, I decided to wander around the con and buy a few items from the Dealer's Den, including an art print, a keychain, and a few comic books. I also got a Polaroid photo someone took of me during the fursuit parade. I would have stayed longer to watch the Fursuit Dance competition, but I was so tired from all the fun being at the con, I decided to go home and rest up.

Was it worth going to the con? Absolutely, because it was nice to reminisce with old friends and make a few new ones in the process. I look forward to going there again. :)

Furry Migration 2019 Recap


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