Detective Pikachu by RDK

I will admit this movie is pretty damn well made, and not only talking about the pokemon themselves designed here, but also on how the story was pretty fluid in revealing how everything unveiled and the fact besides said pokemon, none of the show's character cast was ever used yet it worked just fine.

Once you see the pokemon in action you can pretty much forgive your initial view on their realistic design. Some of such seem pretty smaller in scale than what you would see anywhere else but it owuld be just nitpicking than anything else. There are some references to events that had happened in the show and even the first movie but it does not deviate from the original story here.

And yes, yes, pikachu here is just adorable. I have to admit that too. Even with its not-so-innocent witty banter provided by Deadpool himself. I just can't keep myself from grinning on a pikachu's obsession with coffee however.

And MewTwo was pretty damn amazing itself. I am glad this movie gives it a nice slice of the plot all in all.

It just feels right. The movie goes on about pokemon being around live action humans as if it was the most normal thing ever. Something that MOST movies had so far failed to do in retrospect with fictional characters and live action. I am quite speechless here. I wonder how Nintendo and other companies did it justice and how much heart was put into this film overall.

Well done. I am sold on this one.

Detective Pikachu


10 August 2019 at 19:39:58 MDT

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