Weekly Update 8/10/2019 by reogold

I did a quiz on dungeon's and dragon's website for character alignment. Instead of doing it from a character's, I just took the quiz normally as I would choose to act in the situation. I was brutally honest as I felt. The alignment I got was Neutral Evil. Wow, that's scary isn't it? Maybe there's some things hidden in me that I haven't acknowledged.

Now, this week was rather hectic. Actually, it wasn't that hectic. We are going to switch over to a one line only shift. What this means for me is no switching sides. See, we have a west side and an east side in the finish paint department. West side does the frames and trim that you have on your cabinets and East side does the doors and drawer fronts. So, we are supposed to do only the east side for our normal eight hours on second shift rather than doing some hours and breaking to go over to west and catch up what first shift left for us. That should be interesting if they will actually follow through and we will actually be primarily a one line shift.

I will be doing some changes here. I will be staying on the diet and exercise as normal. Mostly maintaining things now. I will be doing my reflexive journals and my meditations. I however, am going to take a step back from writing.

I believe I have been a bit wrong about the way in which I am looking at things involving the writing. Time will tell if this is going to be a permanent change. If it is, then I have something else and other goals I am going to focus on instead of writing. I need to fully think on those goals for the time being.

Weekly Update 8/10/2019


10 August 2019 at 00:21:42 MDT

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