Commissions OPEN! (PLEASE READ) by Blitzy

Hello everyone!

July commissions are now open!

Please make sure you’re up to date on my prices, and Terms of Service and Refund Policy:

A few things to keep in mind BEFORE you think of ordering:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: As mentioned in my previous journal, I will be going on a family vacation this month! I will be gone from July 10th, to July 15th! During that time, I will NOT be working on commissions at all, and I will not be responding to commission related emails! It’s best to email me BEFORE I leave, or AFTER I’m home if you need to, if you want an immediate response. (Please understand this is my first real vacation in 4 years, and I will be using this time to have fun and relax with family.) If this makes you uneasy, or distrusting of me, I recommend waiting to commission me another time. However, I do hope this doesn’t deter anyone from working with me! I consider myself a very responsible artist with very good communication, and I’ve never not finished a commission! Commission work and emails will resume PROMTPLY the next day after my return home! 😊 (I will be setting up an automated email response for those who email me while I’m gone.)

  • Please make sure to fill out order forms correctly and with ALL updated info about your characters. I need all info to be in the order form only. Please be sure to read the little directions on each question if you need help understanding what I need!

  • All commission communication is done through email with me ONLY. I do not work through FA notes or Twitter DMs etc. I’ve had several people ignore my emails for weeks on end, so please make sure you are someone who is able to check your email frequently, as it will make my job a lot easier, and faster! 😊

I think that’s it! If you’d like to get a slot, please thoroughly fill out one of the order forms below!



Commissions OPEN! (PLEASE READ)


1 July 2019 at 15:09:32 MDT

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