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My tablet isn't working!!

Two days ago we had a big power outage that may have compromised my tablet, I don't know. I use Huion and when you install it it comes with an app you can open and change pen pressure settings and all that. Currently, all areas of the Huion App Menu are greyed out or blocked out and I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. I may need to reinstall my tablet as a last resort if I don't fix it ant other way.

With that being said any YCH or Art Trades I am currently working on have been put on hold until this problem is fixed. I can't work on them otherwise and my Wacom is out of commission since all it does is fritz and won't work properly. (the whole reason I got the Huion.)

Also, recently, I got really sick so I haven't been able to do much for school so that'll get really busy, really soon, so I apologize for the hold up in the case of art, replies and such. I will try and get everything done in a timely manner as best I can!! Come August, I will be generally free to do what I can so expect me to be a hell of a lot more active come summer break!

I will post an update when things have been fixed and everything is back on track!!



25 June 2019 at 15:29:46 MDT

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