I'm tired and my legs are sore by DeRiften

Wesley broke his favorite ball yesterday. That one was his religion; he was obssessed with it and would bring it everywhere with him and I had to throw it out. At first he looked around the apartment a thousand times to find it and then he looked at me and SIGHED. Then he went in his corner where he kept his ball and slept there. He knows how to break my heart. So today I made it my priority to find him a new ball and I figured I'd check the dollar store in the mall since the first ball came from a 2$ machine and the dollar store conveniently happens to be right next to the thai place. It was the guy cooking this time so I ordered a chicken sauteed with peanut sauce and oh my god the thai guy is a god. Then I checked the dollar store but all they had were cheap balls that would break if you touched them so I looked all around the mall for a 2$ machine but all I found were 0.25$ gum machines so I went to one grocery store and checked the pet section, tennis balls this time. At that time I gave up and felt bad at the thought that Wesley would be depressed for two weeks before I went to the pet shop to buy him one so I went to do the groceries feeling bad and it was 50% heaven. My favorite pizza was 50% off, as were chips and ice cream (plus a bigass can of berry-flavored iced tea that will last me MONTHS). The grocery store was practically begging me to watch movies to cheer myself up. As I was walking to the cashier my eyes randomly wandered in the holiday section for no reason and there I saw it.

A 50% off Christmas sock for cats, filled with toys. Two tinsel balls, two plastic balls with bells, one hourglass thing with a bell, one useless felt ball you find on clown costumes, a pillow filled with catnip and a mouse filled with catnip. All for 3$. Figured it'd be better than nothing and would last him two weeks till I got him a real ball and gosh, he loves the catnip pillow and mouse!

I'm tired and my legs are sore


20 May 2013 at 18:36:29 MDT

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    poor Wesley :c

    Good he got new toys tho c: