Work and Memorial Day Weekend by StangWolf

Hey there folks!

Felt I'd give an update before I head off to bed.

Alright so...I'm not really around much during the week anyway, but I probably really won't this week.

I'm going to be putting in a bit of overtime at work since the work load that's picked up in recent months has made keeping up with some tasks that I used to be able to get too, I can't anymore. So, I've got files backing up on my desk and I have GOT to get the put up in the cabinets, not to mention get to a few other things I just can't seem to get to during the day.

So I'll probably be staying at least an hour or extra a few nights this week. Gonna take some comfy clothes (can we say yoga pants, t-shirt & flip flops!) and my iPod and Blackshark headset and just kinda zone out a few nights putting files up, making copies of DPS forms, and working on getting Dead Filed Applications documented and filed away finally (my poor dead file box is about to overflow).

This will be good on a couple levels, one I'll get to see parts of my desk I haven't seen in MONTHS and I'll earn a little extra which will help.

That being said I probably will take my lunch break a couple days this week to get Daciana, Shelby and my Twitter Ad sketched up so by next weekend I'll be ready to get to work on finishing more art next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, it's Memorial Day Weekend and I cannot be more excited to have 3 whole days to myself!

We were going to have a family get together/shrimp boil for Memorial Day but my dad and step-mom decided that it's probably best we just save that for another weekend (probably later in June after our vacation to Hershey) and let our Realtor hopefully utilize the extra traffic out to Lake Cypress Springs to maybe show the house.

So that means I'll have 3 days to chill! Which I really need right now seeing as how work has been really busy and rather stressful, but I'll probably REALLY need it after this week.

That being said I will be using my time next weekend to continue to work on art.

I'm hoping to get a couple more pieces completed, some inked, maybe get my Commission related submissions ready to go, and get a couple stages on my art process timed.

That's about it for now.

I was hoping to get more art done than I did this weekend, but I hope ya'll enjoyed what I did have to share! I'll have more next weekend for sure.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Until next time!


Work and Memorial Day Weekend


19 May 2013 at 21:00:16 MDT

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