Anyone looking for commissions , mine are open by blueScorpio92

So , I am trying to get a new computer. Like , I really need it. And I could use some practice so I am going to set up a commission's list here. I am trying to advertise so if anyone could share this that would be great! Any help is welcome.

I'll draw most things so long as I don't deem them too sexual or uncomfortable. Once more, my list of do's and don'ts is on my commissions info. Nothing pornographic of course , and I can do coupling of all kinds. I will only do a set number at a time but upon completion i will add another.
Here is my commissions information;
I can do drawn and crochet commissions too. the plus with crochet commissions is that you can have the physical work. While I prefer paypal , as it is more secure, but I take points as well.(Points apply for DA if you have a deviantart account.) Points just seem like way more than actual money does, like 500 points vs five bucks. bur whichever suites you is fine with me. ^ ^

Pencil; points or $5.00)

Ink: or $10.00)

Marker color; points or $12.00

Colored Pencil: (1500-2000 points or $15.00 - 20.00 depending on the size.)

digital; (800 points or $8.00)

watercolor; (2000 points or $20.00)

I do comics too~.
So do consider, I will post this on some of my other sites as well.

To do list:

Anyone looking for commissions , mine are open


17 May 2019 at 16:59:34 MDT

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