Streaming Today! (Writing & Gaming) by Mykell Wildfire

Heyas, Peeps!

Just a lil heads up that I'm gonna do some streaming today.  Will start with some story stuff on Picarto for a bit before shifting over to some gaming on Twitch later on.  Links below to both streaming pages, so feel free to join, chat, chill and/or lurk.  Follows are always rad, too!  ^.=.^

Will be mostly brainstorming some small story ideas featuring my own OCs, maybe others if the mood strikes.  Working to get the creative flow going again.  May also have some music and/or YT vids playing.

Will be continuing my playthrough of Star Link on the Nintendo Switch!  Mostly going to be playing as Star Fox, but may switch things up with my other collection of pilots and ships.

While I wish to do so, I haven't established a stream schedule just yet due to my carpal tunnel surgery/recovery.  One hand is just about all healed (save for some soreness and limited ability to carry heavy things), but my other is due for its own operation on the 7th.  Which means for some time, my left hand will be mostly useless.  Depending on some factors, I might TRY to do more writing streams (one-handed).  We will have to see.

Anyway, hope to see folks while I'm live!
After I have some noms, that is...  Keep an eye on my submissions.  I'll post a advert once I'm up and running.  ^.=.^

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Streaming Today! (Writing & Gaming)

Mykell Wildfire

2 May 2019 at 13:35:46 MDT

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