January 22, 2019 by Tankaa

I feel better than I did during the past few weeks, but there's still a deficit of motivation. At least I have volunteering and a few other activities to make better use of my time, so I'm not just taking up space. The Cleveland Auto Show starts tonight too, which will keep me busy and out of the house. (An I-X Center Special was promised, after all.)

The review course for the professional engineer license exam kicks into full swing next week. Four hours a night, Monday-Thursday, I've gone through this before (and had to manage it on top of a long commute), I just have to do the tutorial problems and keep up and everything will go fine in April.

The less said about the job front, the better. Quota has been met for another week.

Art Status:
Reference Updates - To be redone.
Gage - There are ideas, but success is contingent on being less self-conscious.
Worldbuilding - Stalled, awaiting updated reference art. "To create the universe, one must first put on their pants."
Dragon Plush - Stalled, awaiting another attempt at patterning the head.

"The progress tracker has returned. So there really is a tomorrow?!"

January 22, 2019


22 February 2019 at 08:53:00 MST

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